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Electrify your web site with our free copy and paste DHTML scripts, free DHTML Menus, free Dynamic HTML tutorials and javascript.

Answers to questions concerning our copy and paste DHTML scripts, free DHTML Menus, Dynamic HTML tutorials and JavaScript.

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1. Just what is DHTML anyway? Can you go out and buy it? Is it some application you have to install and launch before you can use the technology? Will there be a DHTML 2.0 soon?
The way some people talk, it's easy to think that DHTML is a separate standalone product or technology. It's not. DTHML is the combination of HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and CSS-Positioning (CSS-P), and JavaScript. The browser vendors often add other technologies to the list above, snippets, behaviors, and so forth come to mind. In any case, add them all up and you have DHTML. A typical DHTML application (a Web page or set of Web pages) is made up of some elements created with standard HTML codes, formatted with Cascading Style Sheets, and probably positioned on the Web page with CSS-P, that are then manipulated with JavaScript.

2. How is DHTML related to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?
CSS is one of the backbones of DHTML. It allows you to separate the formatting of your pages from the content. You can change all or most of the elements on your page, with little to no scripting. For instance, you can make layers appear and disappear.

3. Which browsers support DHTML?
Microsoft and Netscape support Dynamic HTML in the 4.0 versions of their respective browsers. However, IE supports much more of DOM, and it gives you a much wider range of tools to work with.

4. My HTML page works fine, why should I switch to DHML?
Hey, you're probably already writing some DHTML and didn't even know it. You just need to whether or not it's a good idea to enhance your existing HTML pages with scripting to make your user interface more interactive.

5. I already know HTML, will I be able to learn DHTML easily?
Yes. If you already know HTML you should be able to get started with DHTML fairly quickly. You should also know some JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets. Check out the resources page to find tutorials and examples of these technologies.

6. Does DHTML replace JavaScript?
Heck no. DHTML is a superset of javascript. In other words, without javascript, there is no DHTML. Combining CSS and JavaScript are what make your pages dynamic.

7. What happens if a user sees my DHTML-based page using an older browser?
This depends on what you're doing with DHTML and how it's coded. If your script is written well, it should fail without any errors. Use a browser sniffer to accomplish this, and write separate code for each of the major browsers.

8. What is the Document Object Model and how is it related to DHTML?
The Document Object Model defines the properties and methods for the various elements on an HTML page. By modifying the properties of HTML elements on a page via client-side scripting, using JavaScript for example, you can make your page interactive.

9. Will my current HTML-tools work with DHTML?
Nearly all tools that create HTML will allow you to manually add DHTML to your pages. Take a look at Macromedia Dreamweaver or Dreamweaver Ultradev. They're highly recommended, and the only authoring tool that we use.

10. Is there a way for me to prevent people from copying my DHTML code?
No. There is no way to safeguard the source code to your HTML pages, including DHTML scripts. The premise of the internet is free information. Heck, this entire site is dedicated to giving away scripts. Share your knowledge, and the internet will prosper even more.

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