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Link to us!!!
Link to US!!!

Electrify your web site with our free copy and paste DHTML scripts, free DHTML Menus, free Dynamic HTML tutorials and javascript.

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If you'd like to contribute to the webmaster community, please feel free to send us any scripts you think fit the bill. There is an abundance of talent out there, and we want to help you reach as many people as possible. After we've reviewed your script, we'll include your name and a link back to your site on the page for your category, and the page describing your script. Without your submissions, we wouldn't be able to privde this resource.

We're currently working on a form based submission process, but until that's finished, please use the steps below:

To submit your script, simply create a sample page using your script and zip it up, with any images or any other external files, and email them to scripts@dhtmlshock.com. Be sure to include your name, email, website address, and any other comments regarding the script, including browser compatability and customization information. If you already have the script online, you can just send us the URL, and we'll try and build an example from that, but may still contact you for clarification. Please be patient, as sometimes it may take a week or two to get your script listed.

When you submit your script, you are representing that you are the original creator of the script, and grant DHTML Shock the right to feature your script on our site. We reserve the right to modify (only for compatability reasons) or remove the script from our site at any time.

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