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Electrify your web site with our free copy and paste DHTML scripts, free DHTML Menus, free Dynamic HTML tutorials and javascript.

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All scripts on DHTML Shock are original scripts, written by the author stated in the script's credits. All scripts are protected by US and international copyright laws, and may not be redistributed, sold, or reposted for download without the expressed written permission of DHTML Shock, unless specifically stated on the scripts page. Viewers may use any of the scripts found on DHTML Shock for both personal and commercial web sites, free of charge.

Users may not hold DHTML Shock liable for any damages resulted from use of any of the scripts found on DHTML Shock. If you're implementing on of our scripts on your site, remember to always make a back up first, as we can't be held responsible for what happens with these scripts once they leave our site.

Users may not remove the copyright notices inside each script. Please give credit where credit is due. Below is an example:

Script Name-
© Script Submitter (www.scriptsubmitter.com)
To add more shock to your site, visit www.DHTML Shock.com

If you use one of our scripts, please link back to our site, so that we can continue to provide the type of services you expect. You can use the code below:

<a href="" target="_blank">Add more shock to your site, visit www.DHTML Shock.com</a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/gfx/88x31.gif" width="88" height="31" border="0" alt="Add more shock to your site, visit www.DHTML Shock.com"></a>

The links above look like this:

1) Add more shock to your site, visit www.DHTML Shock.com
2) Add more shock to your site, visit www.DHTMLShock.com

If our graphic doesn't suit your site, let us know, and we'll make up a new one, to compliment your site.

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Copyright © 2000 - 2007 DHTML Shock.
Please read the Terms Of Use before using any of the scripts.
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